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Coollink a sister company to CoolWazobiaInfo Fm, is partnering with Facebook’s Founder Mark Zuckerberg on Free Basics, by Facebook initiative to provide WiFi hotspots around Lagos through a program called ExpressWiFi.
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Tech fans and ardent Facebook users in Lagos have gone agog over the news that American Programer, enterprepreneur, co -founder of Facebook and Wikipedia is secretly in Lagos Nigeria.
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Twitter Inc. has invested about $70 million in SoundCloud Ltd. to help the Berlin-based music streaming business expand its paid offering.
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Blackface takes to social media ranting about how artistes making waves today have been stealing his materials.
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Twitter has broken, with the network's website and mobile apps inaccessible.
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According to abc News.... The tech community has a message for Ahmed Mohamed, the the tech savvy Texas teen who was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school: Just keep building.
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