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It's the weekend again and it's time to let loose and have some fun. For Nigerians the weekends are synonymous with parties especially weddings.
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This year's Valentine celebration is fast approaching,with the ladies calling up old boos and the guys trying everything possible to escape buying stuff for their BAE's (Before Anyone Else). Anyway Guys have no fear because this year the ladies will cater to your needs,they'll buy the gifts and do all the stuff you would usually do for them on valentines.
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Hey ladies,if you're looking to impress that guy you've been crushing on,here are a few things NOT to do when you eventually make it to GIRLFRIEND or maybe WIFEY status.
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By: Ben Iyoha You think you know everything about a woman until you came across these three phrases… Well, you perceptibly may have come across one or more and who knows maybe all three but I bet not the context at which the expression is deemed here.