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November is unveiling wonderful movies, and if you are not sure of what movie to see this November, relax and get ready to purchase tickets in cinemas near you for the following blockbuster movies worldwide.
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U.S.A officials say general Lagos is ready to present contemporary American film in Lagos Nigeria.
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This season , October brings Adventure to your screen with Tom Hanks in the new film titled Inferno. Coming soon view trailer below
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Hollywood superstar Tom cruise hits the screen this October with a super action movie Jack reacher also known as Never go back .
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If you happened to miss the premiere of these movies, then you have a second chance to see them. Below are some of the August movies now showing in the cinemas near you...
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The movie Suicide Squad stars Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Will Smith and many more is about a group of villains who are recruited by the government to fight another villain. The likes Harley Quinn and the Joker all make an appearance in the movie.