I do free shows or charge a Dollar, a thousand Naira sometimes- Wizkid


2 years ago

" I do free shows and sometimes I charge a dollar or a thousand naira" these were the words of Ayo Balogun, Nigeria's favourite Wizkid. During an interview with DJ Semtex of BBC Radio. These statement made Nigerians take to their phones making it known their pain of how untrue the Afro Pop star was. Shockingly people have expressed that Wizkid has never had a show or concert of his own in Nigeria. Daddy Yo crooner in December cancelled his "Homecoming Concert" acting on the doctor's advice. He says in his interview about how he knows how much love Nigerians have for him and how he wishes to reciprocate the love. In his words, " A big shout out to my Naija people, " a big shout out to my Naija people, I love them so much.That's why I do alot back home. Sometimes I do free shows. I just pull up and say Hey! Wizkid free shows, so sometimes I charge like a dollar for a show, sometimes a thousand naira"

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